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  • Proprietary internal safety valve eliminates the loud noise and dangerous hose whip on disconnects
  • Ultra-quiet, quick, disconnect
  • Eliminates hose whip
  • Improves air flow


  • Unparalleled freedom of natural movement – up to 160 degrees
  • Allows tools to get into tight spaces
  • Eliminates need for whip hose
  • Eliminates hose cracking near your tools
  • Unique double-ball joint swivel


  • Leak free design
  • Low internal pressure drop
  • Significantly increases air flow
  • Fully rotates 360 degrees around the plug
  • Low insertion force of less than 10 pounds at 100 PSI

Stedlin Plug & Coupler Systems Advantage Guide
Safety and Performance Guide
Stedlin fittings alleviates 3 of OSHA’s 10 most common workplace injuries and claims:
Exposure to Loud Noise, Muscle Strains, Repetitive Strain Injury
*Noise Reduction – Stedlin Plugs reduce noise upon disconnect from 130 decibels to 75 – reducing hearing damage
*Hose-Whip Elimination – Stedlin Plugs eliminates kick-back upon disconnection – reducing injuries from the flying hose (face, eyes, teeth)
*Improved Ergonomics – Stedlin orbitals provide a natural freedom of movement – reducing carpal tunnel and white-finger injuries
*Fatigue Reduction – Stedlin Orbitals redistribute the weight of the hose – reducing effort and fatigue
*Tool Performance – Stedlin Couplers and Orbitals increase tool air-flow
*Hose Strain Relief – Stedlin Orbitals eliminates hose cracking and leaking near the tool

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